Launcher Program

We start our relationship with you through our startup Launcher Program. It’s a software based 60-day program. The 60Pivots software provides you with a roadmap as well as pro tips and learning lessons. The program comes with multiple accompanying software tools that covers business engineering, business modeling, integrated marketing communications, risk management, business planning, financial modeling, and the cap table. The ultimate goal is to help you find your first 100 customers.

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Advisory Services

As business engineers we will help you engineer both your product and your business. We will work hand in hand with you. A team of three advisors will be assigned to your startup project. You will be granted full access to our developers. We will help you deep dive in business structuring, system engineering, management systems, business analysis, strategy, and operations. We will use our software solutions to manage your entire startup lifecycle. Our goal is to help you find your next 1000 customers.

Learn About Business Engineering