Service Industry Digitization Program

Service Industry Digitization Program

Assist Waxdale and its ecosystem partners build great products to make your industry better. Invest your time, we need your service industry knowledge and experience.

Help us digitize old service industries. Help us make them better, work with us, participate actively in the ideation process and structure great businesses around great products. Earn equity or royalties.

Waxdale is a tech focus company. We want to be in the fore front of industry disruption. Service industries are the first ones to be disrupted and we want to participate and so should you.

Some industries being disrupted by new technology solutions:

• The insurance industry needs IT, data and digital specialists to build systems, analyze data, recognize patterns, and draw insights from big data.
• Powerful mobile devices, software-as-a-service, and secure, web-based technology allow legal professionals to work from virtually anywhere. As a result, more legal professionals are working remotely from home or a virtual law office.
• Travel agency model persists, and those who see its digitization as an opportunity not a threat will flourish.
• New technologies such as the internet and its infrastructure have introduced disruptive competition to the traditional regional/local market by changing conventional supply-and-demand patterns.